Gluteus medius strengthening

Gluteus medius eccentric loading exercise

The aim of this exercise is to work the tendon of the gluteus medius muscle on the outside of the hip in a very specific way. The tendon and muscle are worked whilst they are being lengthened, not while they are contracting.

This is what eccentric loading means. Stand squarely on the floor next to a wall good leg facing the wall. See picture 1

Using your arms and your good leg, but not your bad leg, lift your pelvis up so that you are tipped over towards your bad side. On tip toes on your good side. See picture 2

Now lift you good leg off the floorbending at the knee. Slowly and gradually lower your pelvis so that you are tipped over to your good side stretching your bad side. Use only the muscles (gluteus medius) only your bad hip to control the decent. You can use your hands to steady yourself, but the idea is that your bad hip is taking all of your body weight as you tip over and gradually lowering you down as far as you can go. See picture 3

Return to the start position using your good leg and arms, but not using your bad leg. The bad side works only on the way down, not the way up.

Repeat 10 times and have a rest.

Aim for 3 sets of 10 exercises morning and evening, but be guided by your discomfort. It is normal to ‘feel’ the exercise, but it should not be really painful. If it is not to bad you can do more repetitions. If it is very uncomfortable you should do fewer repetitions.